Due Diligence

Portable Knowledge's extensive experience with a wide variety of development environments, philosophies, and techniques gives us a unique understanding when it comes to software IP asset evaluation, protection, and migration issues.  We offer several services to enable you to leverage our experience and knowledge when attempting to asses a software assets' true worth.

Accurately assessing the true strengths, weaknesses, and value of a company's software assets is a difficult problem - especially when software isn't your primary focus.  Weather you are attempting to value your own assets, or are contemplating buying out another company's, it is critical to your business that you get the proper valuation.  We have the depth of technical background and business accumen to accurately judge and help you determine the assets' true worth.

At key project milestones or critical points in product lifecycle, it is important to safely and securely isolate all aspects of a software project, ensuring the ability to exactly recreate a point-in-time copy of the software state. Your engineers working closely on the projects may have built-in biases that prevent them from ensuring all necessary details are accounted for and archived.  Portable Knowledge can call upon our long experience with varied software build environments to ensure an accurate and reproducible single-project archive.

Of course, isolation and archival is only half the story.  To be useful, any archived software build environment (including version tracking, bug reporting and feature requests, documentation, source, notes, etc.) must be restorable and reproducible -- even if the organization has changed management systems and software (or if the project has changed organizations).  Again, Portable Knowledge's extensive experience with a variety of systems can help get all you data to a place and form that you can use it seamlessly in your current work flow.

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