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Software Migration

You know the tools that work for you. Source revision control, issue tracking, documentation, and other tools are absolutely essential to good, productive software development. However, every company and business entity has their own tools and methodology that works for them. When the time comes to integrate an existing project made using different tools than you use, or when the time comes to change the tools you are using, problems will undoubtably arise:

How do you get their Subversion database into your git system?
How do you track issues initiated in their OnTime system in your FogBugz database?
Are you confident that their custom plugins to Visual Studio will work with yours?
How can you be sure that their Mac-based Java development environment will work identically on your Windows systems?
etc., etc...

Portable Knowledge's Software Migration Service helps with these situations. We specialize in making sure that all the metadata, configurations, and documentation for complex software projects successfully make the transition between different development processes, teams, and systems. We are experienced in most revision control and issue tracking systems, have actively developed in a number of IDEs on multiple platforms, and have the capability to create custom database migration utilities where required. Let our experts turn your software lifecycle migration dilemma into a smooth, problem-free experience.