Firmware and Plugins

Portable Knowledge has a long history of development of custom software for various applications. We can work with your engineering team to develop custom firmware for your hardware designs, can develop plug-ins for a wide variety of desktop applications, and can develop code to perform custom processing and data conversions where needed.

Custom Firmware Design and Implementation
Calling upon our experience with microcontrollers, real time operating systems, and hardware design, we will work closely with your engineering staff to deliver firmware that feels like an extension of your hardware.  In these cases, the best thing that can be said about the software is that no one realizes it is there - "it just works."  We can help you achieve that goal. 

Desktop Application Plugins, Developer's Libraries, and Custom Data Processing
Over the years, we have developed a number of custom data processing and APIs. We can encapsulate your custom image processing into plugins for Final Cut or Photoshop, or produce a developer-friendly API to let others easily use your proprietary algorithms.  

How Can We Help You?
Contact us at or 505-500-4459 to let us know how we can meet your custom software needs.