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While most of our work is done as private-labeled apps for others, we do have a few apps available under the Portable Knowledge name in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore.  Check them out today!

KnowledgeBook: Cooking

posted Mar 22, 2012, 9:23 AM by Jeff Hay   [ updated Mar 22, 2012, 9:54 PM ]

KnowledgeBook: Cooking doesn't contain any recipes, but cooks will find this app indispensable. Instead of recipes, KnowledgeBook: Cooking has all the tidbits of information that anyone putting together a recipe really needs. This app's handy reference guide includes ingredient substitutes, a comprehensive culinary glossary, measurement conversions, and temperature information.

Discover what can be substituted for buttermilk, how many bananas it takes to make one cup of slices, how many cups are in a pint, and what temperature an oven should be set to if the recipe calls for a "moderately hot" oven. This app also helps you decipher arcane kitchen terms such as "papillote" and "chiffonade." KnowledgeBook: Cooking also includes cooking instructions for high altitude as well as a comprehensive yield list of fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients, from apples to yeast.

This app features a measurement calculator that makes unit conversion a snap. When you are on the measurement screen, select which measurement you wish to convert, and a calculator will come up. You simply tap in a number, and viola! Your measurement is automatically converted in every relevant unit. For example, if you enter in "3" for tablespoons, your 3 tablespoons will be converted in general, US, Imperial, Australian, metric, informal, and even ancient measurements.

KnowledgeBook: USFlag

posted Nov 8, 2010, 11:15 PM by Jeff Hay   [ updated Mar 22, 2012, 9:54 PM ]

Dedicated to the honor of the Flag of the United States.

When should the flag be flown at home? Where should the flag be placed on stage in relation to a speaker? Should the flag be draped over a podium? How was the US Flag of WWII different from today's flag? What are the words to the second verse of the Star Spangled Banner? What are the only two states to be admitted to the union (thus adding stars to the flag) on the exact same day? What RGB color values should be used when drawing the flag on a computer screen? How should the flag be folded for display?

KnowledgeBook: US Flag answers all these questions and many more.


posted May 14, 2010, 7:40 AM by Jeff Hay   [ updated Mar 23, 2012, 6:45 AM ]

GoogleTalk / Jabber / XMPP Client for Apple iOS Devices

Crosstalk is a GoogleTalk, Jabber, and XMPP client for iOS devices. Designed for the iPad, but equally useful on iPhone and compatible with iOS4.

Key features of Crosstalk:

  • Complete integration with the GoogleTalk network, including support for Google Apps accounts
  • Also compatible with any other XMPP/Jabber IM server
  • Send and receive Chat State Notifications (know when someone is writing a message to you!)
  • One-finger swipe to switch between multiple simultaneous chats
  • XMPP Message Receipts: sent text turns darker when your contact (with compatible client) has read the message you sent
  • See entire chat history (to and from all contacts) in one place, in real time
  • Save and email chat transcripts
  • Contacts integrated with device Address Book
  • Contacts can be assigned to multiple groups
  • Add and remove contacts within the app
  • Supports multiple account configurations
  • Auto-login on app start

Crosstalk User Comments:
"been poking around the web for some time looking for a user friendly chat client that would allow me to use Google Apps as well as other chat platforms.
Look no further.  Crosstalk will give you all you need to keep communication flowing. an added bonus..... thier support team Actually Gets in Touch with Users!"

-texas-ipones (Version 1.2, Aug 31, 2010)

"Crosstalk is a simple, powerful XMPP client that is easy to set up and just works. Using it with Google Talk is a wonderful way to go. I love its support of background messaging on the iPhone 4, and as a universal app, I can have it on my iPad, where it is awesome....I've also been using it for Facebook chat, and it's great for that."
-diftil (Version 1.1, Aug 12, 2010)

"Best XMPP app out there! I've got it logging me into Google talk, my company's IM server, and my own OpenFire XMPP server. Works great, even when you're logged in from your desktop too."
-mcvst1 (Version 1.0, July 27, 2010).

Crosstalk was our very first Apple iOS app.

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