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When possible, we like to share library and other code that we've developed with the wider development community.  We believe that by providing code samples and working libraries, the entire development world (and, thus, end users) benefit.  We hope the code we release allows other developers to focus more on the unique features of their own applications.

All of this code was developed in the pursuit of other internal or client-driven projects.  At the time of release to the public, the code was working well enough for inclusion in the products we've used them in.  Portable Knowledge, LLC provides no warranty of any kind, including that of fitness to any application, for any of this code.

We also do not guarantee that we will actively support and/or update any of the following open source code.  However, we do provide tools (source control, issue tracking, wikis, etc.) for each code base for the wider open source community to make use of, if desired.

Unless otherwise stated, all code is released under the Portable Knowledge Open Source Component License.

MIMEKit Framework

posted Apr 20, 2012, 12:16 PM by Jeff Hay   [ updated Apr 20, 2012, 12:20 PM ]

MIMEKit is an Objective-C Framework for working with MIME-encoded data.  The framework provides native Objective-C classes for constructing and reading MIME messages, and supports multipart MIME documents with all defined MIME transmission encodings (including pure binary, base64, and quoted-printable).  Individual parts of multipart MIME messages may be read and written independently, and may be encoded with different encodings.

In addition, MIMEKit provides categories on common Objective-C classes (such as UIImage) to provide easy translation between native classes and MIME data.

MIMEKit fully supports XOP+XML, and can be used in the construction and consumption of messages encoded via MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism). 

The MIMEKit Framework open source project home can be found at:

Documentation for MIMEKit is provided at

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