Portable Knowledge, LLC

Software Engineering Consultancy

Portable Knowledge is in the business of making sense out of software and technology.  No matter your need, we can help you understand technology on your terms.

Are you a business manager attempting to perform due diligence before acquiring a software company?  Our Software Asset Evaluations are just what you need to make sure you adequately assess the true strengths, weaknesses, and value of a company's software and technology IP.

Are you the manager of a company with a significant custom software component, and want to make sure you can reproduce it exactly in the future if needed?  Our Software Asset Isolation service provides a guaranteed repository of everything you need to archive and re-create that critical piece of software precisely as it exists today.

Have you recently purchased a major software asset from another company and want to integrate it into your workflow, issue tracking, and version control systems?  Check out our Software Migration services.

Are you simply a hardware or other vendor in need of unique, custom software or firmware for your hardware design?  We can help you with that as well - please have a look at our Custom Software.