Software Asset Evaluation

What is the true value of an existing software project? 

Software and other technology projects are not easy intellectual property assets to properly value.  It would be nice if software was simply the source code - but it never is.  The real value of a living software project is not only source code, but build environments, configurations, bug and change histories, design background and reasons for changes, etc.  Even in well-documented systems, there is likely to be hidden knowledge that is not documented but is vital to the projects' success.  It takes an expert - someone who has been in the trenches of software development and understands it inside and out - to dig up all of these details.  And without capturing all of this, it is impossible to adequately valuate a software project.

This difficulty in obtaining a proper valuation of technology projects makes business operations such as determining the monetary value of a company, performing due diligence evaluations before acquiring a new assest, or simply deciding on continuing or terminating a project line, more like gambles than decisions based on fact.  

In addition, mature software products may contain open-source or otherwise-licensed code portions that the developers have forgotten about and are well-hidden in the code.  This kind of embedded code can have significant impacts on your licensing strategy and may have severe legal consequences -- even if you don't know about their existence!

Fortunately, Portable Knowledge, LLC can help!

Portable Knowledge's Software Asset Evaluation service aids in evaluating the current state of an existing software or other technology project.  Calling on our extensive experience with a variety of software languages, design and lifecycle methodologies, development platforms, bug tracking and version control systems, and understanding of different team dynamics, our evaluators bring an experts' eye to your tricky problem of accurately valuing a software project and enable you to make confident business decisions.  

We are an impartial third party to evaluate the worth, potential, and possible technical, legal, and operational pitfalls of existing projects.  We have an extensive experience with complex, real-world software projects.  We know that what works for one project may not work for another.  We understand that no software project conforms exactly to a theoretical lifecycle and development plan.  We have seen well-documented projects fail, and very intricate, complex projects succeed without much formal documentation.  We evaluate each software project and team on its own merits, and not against some theoretical standard.

Portable Knowledge, LLC is an unbiased third party to audit existing software or technology engineering project and provide honest evaluations on the projects' current health, potential for future extension, and potential areas of future failure.

Rely on your expertise for managing the business details; lean on our experience for giving you an honest, straight-forward and understandable evaluation of your software projects.  

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